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Room 103


From the Hydra armchair to the coordinated bed. From the refined walls to the deep lights; earthy and orange chrome shades mix with green and pastel tones. A celebration of the designer Luca Scacchetti, a well-known collaborator of Poltrona Frau, who shows himself here in all his style. Eclectic, inspired, wanderer. And precisely from the contaminations of his travels, Luca Scacchetti has created objects and furnishings that go beyond time and space An example of style and personality.

Room 104

De Lucchi

“Beauty is not where it appears but where one would never look for it” The simplicity of the lines and colours is typical of Michele De Lucchi’s style, and is made warm and enveloping by traditional materials such as wood and fabric making the atmosphere of this room is pleasant and relaxing at first glance. Here, you will also be able to discover all the curiosities that link De Lucchi to the city of Tolentino, in one of the pluses that make this room even more beautiful.

Room 105


Hints of cinema and pop culture irreverence. Today, where communication and product are linked and interconnected, the originality of design also lies in showing, whenever possible, the character, strength and personality of the author. In this room, character and personality are more than evident. The candy colours and sinuous shapes create a tangible collection of pure creativity. Signed by Australian designer Marc Newson.

Room 106


In this room irony mixes with the conceptual, and the result is a mix of forms and contents that immediately leave you speechless. Essentiality, chromaticity and contemporaneity: the style of designer Pierluigi Cerri is absolutely tangible. Industrial materials, glass and mirrors create a space suspended between graphics and space, between idea and reality, where the design concept is contained precisely in the words that are dear to the designer: “I am interested in the forms that survive in history”.

Room 201


Colour fields intersect together to create spaces and alcoves in which to stop and reflect or relax. Like in a book, every corner of this room has a story to tell. Inspired by Mario Bellini, it contains his best-known creations such as the Cab Night bed and his leather armchairs. The environment is minimal and evocative for those who appreciate the art of authentic simplicity because, in the words of Mario Bellini, only in true and authentic design: “the more you remove, the better”.

Room 202


Blue sky and brown earth, present moment and history of the past. In the lively contrast between the frescoes of Villa Gabrielli and the elegance of exquisitely contemporary furnishings, a journey of discovery takes place that connects two different worlds, two creative styles and two stories of value. In this room, Michael Anastassiades’ lighting fixtures look like small stars, which illuminate the night. Start your new adventure here.

Room 203


Wow! If the goal is to amaze, this is a success. The 70s style of the iconic furnishings, designed by Luigi Massoni, is playful and fun. From the shape of the Lullaby bed to the Dilly Dally “surprise” dressing table, irony and colour mix with the timeless elegance of the great historical frescoes in a stylistic continuum that ranges from craftsmanship to design, from the present to the past. With distinctive and particular uniqueness.

Room 204


If you love the metropolitan charm and style of the Big Apple, the room inspired by the spouses and architects Lella and Massimo Vignelli will make you feel like you are on the streets of Manhattan. The instinctive concept of modularity of shapes and two-tone colours has also influenced places of collective importance, such as the subway or public television. Modern and distinctly cosmopolitan, take a dive into design with room 204.

Room 205


Leather, design and creativity. The room dedicated to designer Roberto Lazzeroni combines memory and tradition thanks to the rich composition of unique furnishings, which integrate craftsmanship with the industrial process. With a stylistic soul devoid of excess, which Lazzeroni himself likes to define as organic, the composition of this room celebrates ancient and precious materials, which constitute the heart of the entire ‘Made in Italy’.

Room 206


“Create something new, starting from the obvious”. This is the mood that guided the designer and architect Achille Castiglioni, whose work inspires room 206. Spark and inventiveness constitute the profound soul of this room where the spaces are like large canvases to be interpreted with one’s own idea of ​​creativity. Dedicated to those who don’t like banalities but want to be surprised at every occasion, here they will find a breath of fresh air where objects and colours add the right amount of originality.

Room 207

Neri e Hu

Well-being and harmony. An intimate room with a large arch overlooking the tree-lined avenue. The shades of wood and natural walls create a fusion environment where essentiality is expressed on each complement. The atmosphere is one of great relaxation and calm harmony; it recalls the simplicity of small things which, as Neri & Hu say, is none other than the basis of everyday beauty. Complete the pleasure with the hotel’s spa, for a ritual dedicated to the soul and senses.

Room 208


Reminiscent of the vintage living rooms of the 70s, where the furnishings are functional and symbolic at the same time, a perfect space is created for those who love simple atmospheres with personality. This room is inspired by Marco Zanuso and contains some well-known ‘Made in Italy’ design icons, such as the Woodline armchair and the Celestina folding chair. Enjoy an environment where taste and design coexist together, creating a welcome with attention to every detail.

Room 209


Yin and Yang, black & white, light and dark. Fully representing the symbolic and evocative conceptuality of Japanese art and culture, this room summarizes the most universal contrasts through the driven minimalism of shapes, lines and colours. Have fun discovering the great design icons that, in these particular spaces, identify the style of Nendo and the entire design collective.

Room 210


The famous Dezza 24 armchair a symbol of Italian design of the 60s, it stands out in this room like a museum sculpture. The delicate and vintage style of this room revolves around it, permeating the spaces, lights and fabrics through lines and colours that take you back to the past, with a vague and pleasant nostalgia. Experience this atmosphere to the fullest and find your relaxation in the sweetness of well-being.

Room 211


Can you describe elegance in one word? The name Massaud can evoke it perfectly. In this room, with the harmonious combination of shades and mirrors, the style of the French designer Jean Marie Massaud evokes the great fashion boutiques and Parisian salons as well as that “plaisir” of the soul which is born of something beautiful and poetic. And if elegance was the guide for Massaud’s style, it was also our inspiration here: to celebrate a designer known throughout the world for his appeal. What do you think? Do you like it?

Room 212


Feminine soul that pays homage to nature. The Swedish designers Anna and Sofia from the Front Design Studio in Stockholm inspired this room where the fauna and flora seem to live their life among play and irony. Natural materials such as wood and bamboo are reminiscent of forests, especially those of northern Europe, from which the characteristic mood of Front style and design originates Creative and experimental. Let yourself be surprised by the many details, such as the ceiling, an upside-down design that seems immersed in the Milky Way.

Room 214


Studio GamFratesi, the union between the essentiality of Danish design and the profound soul of Italian craftsmanship From the creative union of two different cultures – that of Stine Gam and Enrico Fratesi a simple and rigorous, but at the same time elegant and sentimental style is born. From decisive lines to high quality materials, everything is designed to give shape to furnishings that are functional but deeply connected to a history and tradition to be celebrated and valued. Imagine yourself relaxing among these spaces.

Room 301


The main turret of Villa Gabrielli is surrounded by large windows that open onto the green Marche landscape Here, the story of Franco Moschini and the city of Tolentino finds its best representation. The wonder of the area serves as the backdrop for a suite with a unique charm, where the “bello, buono e ben fatto”, (beautiful, good and well made“) come together to tell the story a past of design, a present to be savoured and a future yet to be designed. Here you will find some great icons and many precious creations, which derive from the craftsmanship of this territory. Get ready for a valuable trip.

Room 302


Not a room, but a creative studio. A separate space in which to experience design and find new inspiration. Like a theatre that opens to the public, room 302 dedicated to the Milanese designer Gae Aulenti, opens up to novelty and invites discovery. With large windows, fluid spaces, and bold colours, staying in this environment will help you find the right mood. The setup is highly innovative: unique objects and designer furnishings will push your idea of ​​creativity to the limit.

Room 303


Essential white mixes with notes of wood, in a journey through time that takes you into the past, up to the Gebrüder Thonet Vienna. The company was founded by Michael Thonet, cabinetmaker and designer who revolutionized the concept of furniture in the mid-1800s. In this room you will find a unique and precious collection of authentic objects and furniture, meticulously restored as if suspended in an era. Experience an atmosphere of times gone by, full of precious memories.

Room G 01


Like travelling together on the subway, but on tracks of great design. The room inspired by Franco Albini in fact takes up the urban elements of which the Milanese designer was the master and emblem. Here, you can walk through a space and learn about a style, stopping every now and then to admire the iconic objects the room is littered with. For a total immersion in colour, materials and modern, urban design.

Room G 02


Soft wood for a delicate refuge. Luigi Agnoli is a designer, but also a painter and hence the perfect harmony of shapes and the enveloping delicacy in the combination of colours. Natural and relaxing shades, for a room that is not only a place of rest, but also a magical opportunity for wonder. Here, objects and spaces come together to celebrate a style that has made some large furnishings created specifically for Poltrona Frau iconic. Let’s discover them together.

Room G 03


Like a container of great inspirations. This room dedicated to the Milanese designer Vico Magistretti is a space where comfort and creativity come together, a pleasant and welcoming environment, where Magistretti’s the design icons stand out as important furnishings to experience and admire. An immersive experience that is reminiscent of a visit to a museum, but which also includes the welcome of a hotel designed for your well-being. Discover the objects that, thanks to Magistretti’s creativity, have won the prestigious “Compasso d’Oro” award.

Room G04

Movimento moderno

Geometric shapes and primary colours. This room is dedicated to the Modern Movement and Neoplasticism and fully represents its minimal style. Thanks to the evocative contrast of the purest colours and the deeply conceptual furnishings, the environment has a modern and essential appeal, yet is full of every comfort. Here you can find truly iconic pieces such as the Red & Blue armchair by Gerrit Rietveld and the well-known creations of Le Corbusier, for a journey into the mood of the era and its greatest representatives.

Room G05

Arts & Crafts

Romantic, enveloping, and refined. Enter a world of wonder where every object becomes art and experimentation, like the wallpaper by William Morris, which, with its delicate blue and floral pattern, frames the room in a spring of colours. The movement that inspired this room is called Arts & Crafts: a period of research and inspiration that celebrates the beauty of craftsmanship. A space-time of true inspiration, let yourself be carried away.

Room G 06


A unique room which, with its deeply ironic style, represents one of the most well-known and provocative periods of the 1960s. Completely dedicated to pop culture, immerse yourself in a space where colour and play are the protagonists where you can appreciate some of the greatest symbols of contemporary design live. Like the Cactus coat hanger or the prints by Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol, objects and graphics of an iconic art, which have strongly marked the history of design and which are exhibited today in the major museums of the world.

Room G 07

Vienna Secession

Stylistic rigour and warm tones. This room, entirely inspired by the Vienna Secession, contains some of the most iconic and symbolic objects of the early 1900s: from the very famous Thonet chairs in Vienna straw, to the minimal furnishings of the first industrializations of design. Objects appear simple and reproducible, but are unique in idea and design, like this room, where relaxation is simple, but unique at the same time.

Room G 08


Ultrafragola by Ettore Sottsass for the star mirror, Alessandro Mendini for the museum-worthy Proust armchair. In this room-collection where accessories and objects designed by great designers coexist, colour acts as a vibrant frame for that movement of innovation and protest that defined the 1960s – Radical Design. Visionary and unconventional, this room can amaze your sight and entertain your soul with something absolutely out of the ordinary.

Room 102


An astonishing contrast between historical frescoes and contemporary steel. Here your gaze can dance from the most ancient eras to the most current times. The style of designer Piero Lissoni is shown in the composed and straight lines and in the bold materials such as metal and leather. In this room of pleasant and evident contrasts, the design concept is even more enlightened. Come and experience it in person.

Room 101


Dreamy and delicately modern soul. The room inspired by the Milanese designer Giulio Cappellini has evocative colours, ranging from sky blue to ochre, with wood and anthracite textures. The atmosphere is made even more pleasant by the greenery of the garden that frames the view from the windows. The selection of furnishings was personally chosen by Giulio Cappellini himself, mixed to his taste to best combine design and relaxation, useful and beautiful, but also something that “makes people smile and, at the same time, dream”.