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L'Opificio, the hotel's restaurant-bistro

A new-local space to discover the goodness of the territory. L’Opificio, the bistro restaurant which is also open to the public, completes your stay but is also an opportunity to explore the Marche through tasteful and carefully crafted itineraries. With the signature of Chef Marco Faiella, the dishes of the L’Opificio restaurant follow tradition, but at the same time travel towards new forms of styles and flavours.

Tradition and expertise in the kitchen

The former Nazareno Gabrielli factory is where the L’Opificio bistro is located, a name that comes from its history Located in the ancient room where leather was processed, it represents Franco Moschini’s link with the Marche region.

At the L’Opificio, the atmosphere of the past is revived, but through the concept of “know-how” that combines manual skills, tradition and creativity a new table experience is created. A love for history that is perceived both in the dishes and in the furnishings, in a restaurant of taste and profound hospitality.

Creativity and good cuisine, for those who want a taste

The hotel restaurant, L’Opificio, allows you to enjoy a dinner menu that combines culinary research with the typical cuisine of the Marche region.

Furthermore, it is possible to have lunch with a simpler but equally refined proposal inspired by the best local traditions. In both cases, the ingredients we use are in harmony with the territory, they are based on seasonality and locally sourced when possible.

Gluten-free dishes are also always present in our menus as well as an interesting selection of plant-based vegetarian options.

Breakfast at the hotel

Our rich breakfast is prepared with fresh seasonal ingredients and recipes inspired by tradition. Local or continental, sweet or savory, it satisfies every preference and also offers excellent healthy or gluten-free alternatives.

Lunch for a short stop

For lunch, our menu consists of quick courses inspired by local specialities and prepared based on seasonal fruits. A simpler cuisine than dinner, which however features the same care and research.

The lunch menu is also offered in the hotel room service.

Dinner at L’Opificio

The L’Opificio bistro restaurant is open to the public and is located in the historic space, originally home to the Nazareno Gabrielli laboratory. In this suggestive location it is possible to enjoy a creative yet traditional dinner with a highly technical menu, which bears the signature of Chef Marco Faiella.

The design Lounge Bar

The lounge bar in the heart of the hotel is an atmospheric space where you can enjoy a moment of relaxation, a chat, a good drink, or a happy hour. The iconic design and furnishings of Interno Marche make this lounge bar unique in its appearance and atmosphere.

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