Rooms & Suites

Every stay is a unique experience, like each of our rooms

Interno Marche invites you to discover its rooms and suites, each one with its own identity and atmosphere. Be amazed by 30 unique environments created to welcome you with style and warmth, designed to satisfy your every desire for space, comfort, tranquillity and privacy.


2 people / 20–22m²

Style and history in our Superior rooms. Furnished and enriched with every care and comfort, the rooms offer space, brightness and enchanting views.

Garden Rooms

2/3 people / 20–22m²

A selection of exclusive rooms and annexes, with privileged access to the garden. The most private and comfortable space for you and your animal friends.

Deluxe Rooms

2/3 people / 27–29m²

Give yourself the luxury of staying in one of the Deluxe rooms designed to offer extra space, value and comfort in every detail.

Junior Suites

2/3 people / 27–29m²

If you want a refined and private environment, a welcoming atmosphere, in which you can leave the chaos behind and focus on well-being.

Studio Suites

2 people / 30–40m²

Art sanctuary designed for longer stays, where you can enjoy every comfort as if you were at home, to live an experience of inspiration and creativity.

Executive Studio Suite

2/3 people / 60m²

The living room becomes even more comfortable and engaging, thanks to the particularly spacious environment and our services dedicated to design lovers.

Presidential Suite

2 people / 40m²

Franco Moschini’s presidential suite is a world apart. The creator of Interno Marche is an advocate and ambassador of “beautiful, good and well made”, which you will discover in every corner, piece of furniture, and detail.

Design Explorer

Find out what inspired the style and character of our 30 rooms. Explore the eras, atmospheres, and furnishings up close with the Design Explorer.