Destination Design

A place, a destination

Interno Marche will become a real territorial hub, an ideal destination for a unique experience and to discover the riches of Tolentino and the upper Macerata area.

The upper
Macerata area

Even before the hotel, the territory is the first real “host”. The upper Macerata area is an area in the heart of the Marche that holds a surprising amount of natural, historical, architectural and artistic treasures. From the socio-economic development of the post-war period,

which lasted until the end of the last century, the upper Macerata area is experiencing times of profound transformation and represents an extraordinary opportunity for growth for those who are an integral part of it and for those who want to visit and get to know everything about the area.

Design Terrae

Interno Marche is just one of the “dreams” that became a project and then a reality, thanks to Franco Moschini and Design Terrae, the non-profit organization he is President of.

Design Terrae is a catalyst and connector hub of values, projects and people, open to connecting innovation and youth. Its mission is to enhance the “bello, buono e ben fattoā€¯ (beautiful, good, and well made), in order to build an ethical and sustainable future starting from the legacy of the past and from the upper Macerata area.

Design Terrae’s commitment focuses on the conception and organization of events, cultural and educational activities, opportunities for dialogue, and on creating a bridge between the local dimension and the rest of the world, between similar and different contexts.

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