Italy’s new design hotel, interno marche, opens this spring

20 febbraio 2024


The revitalization and repurposing of Villa Gabrielli breathing new life into its historic frescoes

The revitalization and repurposing of Villa Gabrielli breathing new life into its historic frescoes

Interno Marche is a new design hotel set to open in Tolentino, a small Italian town within the region of Marche. The project follows the revitalization and repurposing of Villa Gabrielli, breathing new life into its historic frescoes, adapting expansive 20th-century factory areas, and integrating its former tanning vats. Today, over 400 curated pieces spanning 60 years of design history fill Art Nouveau residence — featuring works by Michele De Lucchi to Gae Aulenti, Vico Magistretti, Giò Ponti, and Achille Castiglioni, along with Marc Newson and Nendo, among others. These selected objects honor the legacy of Franco Moschini, the former patron of the Poltrona Frau Group.

Once home to Nazareno Gabrielli’s leather goods company for six decades and, later, to the Poltrona Frau headquarters in 1962, the Interno Marche hotel is dedicated to the history of international design and its luminaries, featuring 25 uniquely curated rooms and five long-stay suites, each paying homage to a renowned designer who has contributed to Franco Moschini’s success and one of the five stylistic movements of the 20th century. A lounge bar, a bistro-style restaurant, a spa, and a fully equipped gym complement the offering. Michele De Lucchi, Marc Newson, Gae Aulenti, Vico Magistretti, Giò Ponti, and Achille Castiglioni are among many whose legacies are celebrated through settings, lines, prints, and iconic pieces within the hotel.

In the room dedicated to Luigi Massoni, guests can relax on the renowned Lullaby sofa, taking in the ceiling frescoes. In the Lazzeroni room, they can enjoy a restful slumber on the iconic Volare Bed. Meanwhile, in the room inspired by Marco Zanuso, they can sit back on a Woodline chair while soaking in a picturesque view of the Politeama Cultural Center, restored by the Franco Moschini Foundation and designed by Michele De Lucchi. The lobby, breakfast room, and lounge bar are located in the sizeable three-bay hall that was once the heart of the factory’s production. Meanwhile, the bistro restaurant, along with the spa and gym, nestles on the ground floor with direct access from the garden.
Following a construction period of over three years, the inauguration of Interno Marche marks the culmination of a collaborative effort involving four strategic consultants, seven architects, 14 engineers, two restorers, four geologists, two agronomists, four 3D designers, one lighting specialist, and three interior designers. With the support of 30 local companies and over 70 supplier companies, this monumental project engaged over 2,000 professionals. Interno Marche is also the only hotel in the world holding both GBC Historic Building and Leed for hospitality environmental sustainability certifications.