A dream come to life

Interno Marche is much more than just a hotel, it is a dream that became a project and finally a reality.
It contains not only a history of times gone by, but the values of a place and the work of the people who built it and lived there.


The heritage of Villa Gabrielli

The foundations of this hotel are those of Villa Gabrielli, an example of late Liberty, a symbol of the development of the city of Tolentino in the last century.

In the early 1920s, the building included the factory and home of the entrepreneur Nazareno Gabrielli, creator of the famous Italian fashion brand of the same name. After him, it became the production headquarters of Poltrona Frau and the residence of Franco Moschini.

The value of this history remains intact thanks to the Interno Marche project, which, with care and respect, has rethought and recreated these work, family and living spaces.

A place that is returned to the city and the community, which preserves the authentic soul of the territory and the know-how of the local workers.

The story of a dream

The Designers' Hotel

A new destination was born, which combines hospitality and design, comfort and culture, designed for those travelling for work or pleasure as well as for design enthusiasts.

It is a hotel that offers a twofold experience: a refined welcome and a fascinating cultural journey, through the spaces and the 30 rooms, each dedicated to architects and designers linked to the world of Franco Moschini.

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The dreamer

Franco Moschini

Franco Moschini, entrepreneur and patron, helped make ‘Made in Italy’ famous throughout the world by proudly believing in Italian taste and artisan culture.

He is the founder of the new Poltrona Frau, owner of Gebrüder Thonet Vienna, representative of the “beautiful, good and well made” motto and lover of his homeland, the Marche region. His name stands out among the protagonists and visionaries of the world of design, thanks to over 60 years of his farsighted entrepreneurial vision and his presence alongside historic brands such as Cassina, Cappellini, Gufram and Zanotta.

The origin of our name

From the keyword “Interno”, two perspectives open up: a geographical one, linked to the position of Tolentino in the Marche region and a cultural one, linked to interior design, which represents the essence of the hotel and the discipline in which Franco Moschini is established in the world.

Evolution and sustainability

The sharing of the heritage of knowledge and craftsmanship of the local tradition, the diffusion of culture, and the rebirth of a territory are all accomplished through environmental sustainability.

Interno Marche is the first building in the world to have achieved a double international environmental certification at the highest level: LEED V4 and GBC Historic Building. Our hotel has obtained the LEED certification V4 for Hospitality Platinum level with 87 points, thus becoming the first LEED Platinum Hotel in Italy and third in the world. Interno Marche has also obtained the GBC certification Historic Building, protocol for conservation, redevelopment, recovery and integration of historic buildings, which attests it as the first certified Platinum-level building in the world with 95 points and also puts it as one of the best examples of preservation after the Central Italy earthquake in 2016.

In the Digital Vault your phygital experience

All it takes is a code to enter another dimension, beyond the visible and the tangible.

The Digital Vault is an exclusive experience and a unique immersion in the world of Interno Marche.

The QR codes positioned in all rooms and other points of the hotel transform every corner into a place of discovery and inspiration. With each scan, stories, information and details about works and protagonists, hidden behind objects and environments are revealed.

Let yourself be guided on a journey and a narrative between physical and virtual, between past and present.

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